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Gawler Ranges Australia

Gawler Ranges

Dear Rene & Geoff

The Gawler Ranges are superb and Gawler Ranges Wilderness Safaris make you realize that everything you heard about Gawler Ranges is true!

This is the outback the way we felt outback should be although we learned from our hosts, that outback does not mean desert and wilderness but areas in which the Government does not draw provincial borders anymore. So we saw no borders, just a lot of farmers fences, which Geoff, the owner of Kangaluna Camp regularly "adjusts" to make them more kangaroo-friendly...

Gawler Ranges, the nature, animals, trees, plants, salt lakes, rock formations, unbelievable. To use all the advjectives I would like to, would probably blow your server :o)

And Geoff, the "father" of this fantastic lodge is a very warmhearted man with an incredible knowledge and an affintiy for and about the aborigines with broad interests in all kinds of other things. It was therefore very interesting and enjoyable to meet a person like him. Besides, he is an excellent cook!

Rosy, our driver for two days knows everything about kangaroos and nature. She even illustrated a book about australian marsupials which we just ordered.
It contains 140 beautifully detailed drawings of kangaroos and the like for which Rosy probably had to photograph thousands of them. On top of that, she designed and constructed all the furniture in the camp using dead wood and all sorts of things she found, furniture you will find nowhere else, extremely tasteful!

Fish (Mr. Fisher, actually), who drove and guided on the final two days, had loads of information about everything we saw and entertains on top of that with a splendid sense of humor. We enjoyed every minute with him!

Thankyou ozeania for giving us the recommendation to do this fantastic tour!